viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

How to Touch her Boobs

Who does not like a pair of boobs, large or small, soft or hard? Unfortunately, men often forget to give them the proper attention. I am writing this because I've always liked my girlfriend's tits but I was surprised when she told me that I dont pay enough attention to them. Also she said the other men she has been with like sucking and kissing her breasts. I could not stay behind and decided to devote more time to these charms! Remember that breasts and nipples are the most erotic areas of the female body. You will see the results if you work properly the breasts before and during the penetration. It is not an easy task, because it depends on each woman and her tastes and how hot it is at the moment. Here are some simple tips that I hope the girls enjoy(you can do them in the order that you like):
-"Put your hands under her clothes and fondle and squeeze a little her tits
-Hold and touch both breasts at a time while you're behind her and while you kiss her neck or her back
-kiss her Nipples
-lick them
-suck them. Do it gently, remember that the purpose is not to get milk.
-Bite without biting. No hurdles to hurt "When she getts hotter bite or suck a little harder.
- Squeeze gently.
Spend enough on both boobs, do not focus on one breast and frequently alternate. Keep the nipples wet by licking or kissing them. Use honey, syrup, chocolate, whip cream, etc.. You can also use your penis to excite this area of the body of the woman. Put your dick between her breasts.While performing oral sex to you continue stimulating her by touching her breasts and squeezing them. Also you can come into your chest if she likes it. In conclusion, do what she likes and devote as much time as she wants.

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