sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

Sex for Peace

I have traveled to many countries in different parts of the world but what surprised me the most was a visit I made to one of the most conservative countries in the world, living under occupation and where there is a conflict and where a peace process have proliferated for a long time. In my journey I met there one of the most liberal women of the world and she made reality the idea of promoting peace between the enemies. She is a professional who works in a bank and spends his free time, along with volunteers, to encourage free sex among visitors of a house founded by her own efforts. No, it is NOT a whorehouse because nobody pays for any service. The house and its residents, the volunteers, are supported by their own regular jobs (As nurses, teachers, clerks, dentists, etc..) Also the house is supported by donation they receive from their visitors and members but which are not mandatory. This house gets together guests from different backgrounds and gives them the opportunity, in addition to enjoying great sex, to share their ideas and talk about politics in an atmosphere free from prejudice and hatred. As a visitor you are also offered a rich breakfast prepared by hostess and gests together and which is served at a large table where clothing is optional. That house has also been a stopping spot for men and women from different countries who come to the region as peace activists and who have given the place an international flavor in addition to providing new ideas and activities. It impressive to get there and find the "enemies" sharing everything, couples of different faiths, and have sex with beautiful women. To visit or become a member (preferably) the man should be over 25 and girls who want to visit or volunteer must be over 21. I visited the house a few times and I would like to pay another visit, this time with my girlfriend.

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