martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Without my Boyfriend

i went to a party but it was very boring and there was not much fun.... so I called a friend and I was lucky he was neerby. So I asked him if he wanted to have some fun and of course he said yes. He came to pick me up and we straight went to the closest motel. Once in the room we start kising and touching, he took off my shirt and pants, then he started to touch and kiss my little tits. I asked him to perform oral sex, so he took off the panties and began to move his tongue while his hands were touching my clitoris, I started to get excited, I was feeling so hot and enjoying so much by seeing him...... I could not resist and I came explosively in his mouth .... he had his deck really hard! So heput my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me vey hard. then he put my right leg on the bed and the other on his left shoulder and kept going, it was so hot. Finally he turned me upside down, he slowly began to penetrate me and then stronger and harder ... until hecame ....After resting a while, I got his penis and started sucking until it bacame hard again. He turned and start eating muy pussy. After that he layed on top of me and fucked me really hard !!!.... and.......................

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